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Title Authors Publication date
ALOS/PALSAR Cal/Val update and ALOS-2 development status Masanobu Shimada, Masato Ohki Aug. 25, 2010
Canadian Government Calibration Operations: Imaging Performance Update in the Fifteenth Year of Service Satish Srivastava, Stéphane Côté, Stephanie Muir, R. Hawkins Aug. 25, 2010
ENVISAT ASARCompensation of long-term gain and phase drifts on the Transmit/Receive Modules Ignacio Navas-Traver, Peter J. Meadows, Nuno Miranda, Betlem Rosich Aug. 25, 2010
RADARSAT-2 Image Quality and Calibration Update – Use of Database Information Anthony P. Luscombe, Pierre Le Dantec Aug. 25, 2010
Status of ENVISAT ASAR Instruments and Products Nuno Miranda, Peter J. Meadows, Davide D´Aria, Davide Giudici Aug. 25, 2010