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Title Authors Publication date
GEOSS Quality Assurance Strategy: QA4EO Satish Srivastava Aug. 25, 2010
Geometric Quality Indicators for SAR Products Adrian Schubert, David Small, Nuno Miranda Aug. 25, 2010
Phase Requirements, design and validation of phase preserving Michele Belotti, Davide D´Aria, Nuno Miranda, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Betlem Rosich, Silvia Scirpoli Aug. 25, 2010
Terrain-flattened Gamma: Backscatter Retrieval for Land Surfaces David Small, Nuno Miranda, Lukas Zuberbühler, Adrian Schubert, Erich Meier Aug. 25, 2010
UAVSAR L-Band Radiometric Calibration Terrain Topography and Biomass (Geophysical cal/val) Marc Simard, Bryan Riel, Naiara Pinto, Scott Hensley Aug. 25, 2010