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Title Authors Publication date
Commissioning the TanDEM-X Ground Segment - An Interim Commissioning Phase Perspective Birgit Schättler, Ralph Kahle, Robert Metzig, Thomas Fritz, Ulrich Steinbrecher, Martin Wermuth, Manfred Zink Aug. 26, 2010
First Calibration Results of the TanDEM-X Satellite Marco Schwerdt, Jaime Hueso Gonzalez, Markus Bachmann, Björn Döring, Dirk Schrank, Benjamin Bräutigam Aug. 26, 2010
Processing of Interferometric TanDEM-X Data Helko Breit, Thomas Fritz, Ulrich Balss, Christian Rossi, Nestor Yague-Martinez, Fernando Rodriguez Gonzalez, Andreas Niedermeier Aug. 26, 2010
SAR Performance of TerraSAR-X Mission with Two Satellites Benjamin Bräutigam, Paola Rizzoli, Carolina Gonzalez, Donata Polimeni, Dirk Schrank, Marco Schwerdt Aug. 26, 2010
TanDEM-X Commissioning Phase Execution Overview and First Results Markus Bachmann, Harald Hofmann, Helko Breit, Thomas Fritz, Jaime Hueso Gonzalez, Irena Hajnsek, Marc Rodriguez Cassola, Birgit Schättler, Ulrich Steinbrecher, Gerhard Krieger, Manfred Zink Aug. 26, 2010