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Title Authors Publication date
Calibration Assessment of RADARSAT-2 Polarimetry Using High Precision Transponders Ridha Touzi, R.K. Hawkins, Stéphane Côté Aug. 26, 2010
ESTIMATION OF ICE THICKNESS OF TUNDRA LAKES USING ERS –ENVISAT CROSS-INTERFEROMETRY Urs Wegmüller, Maurizio Santoro, Charles Werner, Tazio Strozzi, Andreas Wiesmann Aug. 27, 2010
Exploitation of fully polarimetric ALOS-PALSAR mode for natural hazard detection & subsequent disaster reduction of SEAsian/Pacific earthquakes, volcano eruptions and taiphoons–Japan, Taiwan, Philippi Wolfgang-Martin Boerner, Yoshio Yamaguchi, Akinobu Sato, Roichi Sato, Hiroyoshi Yamada, Kun-Shan Chen, Chih-Tien Wang, Enrico-Camero Paringit, Mahmud Raimadoya Aug. 26, 2010
Geocoding UAVSAR Data Products Yang Zheng, Ronald Muellerschoen, Thierry Michel, Bruce Chapman, Scott Hensley, Yunling Lou Aug. 26, 2010
Interference Signatures in ALOS PALSAR Imagery in the American Arctic F.J. Meyer, Anthony P. Doulgeris Aug. 26, 2010
Modelling Atmospheric Absorption in SAR Imagery Ben Nicol, R.K. Hawkins Aug. 26, 2010
PS calibration: performance enhancement and antenna pattern estimation Paolo Biancardi, Davide D´Aria, Andrea Monti Guarnieri Aug. 26, 2010
Performance Requirements for Correction of Ionospheric Signals in L-band SAR Data F.J. Meyer, Michael Eineder, Ramon Brcic, Kostas Papathanassiou, Jun Su Kim, Paul Rosen Aug. 26, 2010
SAR Imaging in the Time Domain for Nonlinear Sensor Trajectories and SAR Tomography Othmar Frey, Christophe Magnard, Maurice Rüegg, Erich Meier Aug. 26, 2010
Study and Implementation of ScanSAR data processing based on simulated baseband HJ-1C spaceborne SAR echos Minghui Hou Aug. 26, 2010