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Title Authors Publication date
Internal and External Calibration of the Sentinel-1 CSAR Paul Snoeij, Evert Attema, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Allan Østergaard, Ramon Torres Aug. 27, 2010
The KOMPSAT-5 Calibration Ground Equipment: Corner Reflector in Mongolia Site Horyung Jeong, D.H. Lee, T.B. Oh, C.H. Jung, H.S. Lim Aug. 27, 2010
The Tandem-L Mission Proposal: Monitoring Earth’s Dynamics with High Resolution SAR Interferometry Marwan Younis, Francesco De Zan, Gerhard Krieger, Irena Hajnsek, Kostas Papathanassiou, Michael Eineder, Pau Prats, Sigurd Huber, Manfred Zink, Marian Werner, Richard Bamler, Alberto Moreira Aug. 27, 2010