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Title Authors Publication date
Cal/Val Activities at the Harvard Forest in Support of the DESDynI Mission Paul Siqueira, Razi Ahmed Nov. 17, 2009
Detection and Characterization of Ionospheric Effects in ALOS PALSAR data F.J. Meyer, Jeremy Nicoll, Rayjan Wilson Nov. 17, 2009
GMES Sentinel-1 Transponder Development Paul Snoeij, Evert Attema, Björn Rommen, Nicolas Floury, Malcolm Davidson Nov. 17, 2009
Local Incidence Angle Considered Harmful David Small, Nuno Miranda, Erich Meier Nov. 17, 2009
Radiometric calibration aided by Permanent Scatterers: current status and future capabilities Paolo Biancardi, Davide Giudici, Davide D´Aria, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Paul Snoeij, Betlem Rosich Nov. 17, 2009
TSP-2 Software to Point SAR Targets Luke Yaraskavitch, Kevin Marshall, R.K. Hawkins, Jack Gibson, Crocker Nov. 17, 2009