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Title Authors Publication date
Country-Wide 3D Mapping by Airborne InSAR Brian Mercer Nov. 17, 2009
Environmental Science Combining Data from a Small SAR on an Unmanned Aircraft with Satellite Observations: The microASAR on the NASA SIERRA UAS for the Characterization of Arctic Sea Ice Experiment Evan C. Zaugg, David Long, Matthew Edwards, Matthew Fladeland, Richard Kolyer, Ian Crocker, James Maslanik, Ute Herzfeld Nov. 17, 2009
Polarimetric Calibration of the Ingara Bistatic SAR Alvin Goh, Mark Preiss, Nick Stacy, Doug Gray Nov. 18, 2009
Target Design and Deployment for In-Field GeoSAR Calibration Mark L. Williams, Mark L. Sanford, Jim J. Reis, Bert Kampes, Boris Kofman, Alina Yohannan, Louis Dean Nov. 17, 2009
UAVSAR Polarimetric Calibration Alex Fore, Bruce Chapman, Scott Hensley, Thierry Michel, Ronald Muellerschoen Nov. 17, 2009
UAVSAR Processor Calibration and Quality Assurance Brian Hawkins, Bruce Chapman, Scott Hensley, Thierry Michel, Ronald Muellerschoen, Yang Zheng Nov. 17, 2009