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Title Authors Publication date
Antenna Model refinement with real SAR data pattern estimation Alberto Villa, Davide Giudici, Davide D´Aria, Andrea Recchia, Nuno Miranda Oct. 17, 2013
CALIBRATION OF POLARIMETRIC SAR DATA WITH A COMET-BASED APPROACH Alberto Villa, L. Iannini, Davide Giudici, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, S. Tebaldini, J.P. Cuesta Gonzalez, T. Zajc, M. Azcueta, Marc Thibeault Oct. 17, 2013
CEOS 2013 Recommendations Oct. 18, 2013
High Precision Processing – Unified Approaches for TerraSAR-X, TanDEM-X and Beyond Thomas Fritz, Helko Breit, Birgit Schättler, Ulrich Balss, M. Fischer, Marie Lachaise, Nestor Yague-Martinez Oct. 16, 2013
High Resolution Geodetic Earth Observation with TerraSAR‐X: Measurements on the Obtained Pixel Localization Accuracy and Results Ulrich Balss, Christoph Gisinger, Stefan Hackel, Xiao Ying Cong, Ramon Brcic, Michael Eineder Oct. 17, 2013
Implementation of TOPS mode on RADARSAT-2 in Support of the Sentinel-1 mission G. Davidson, V. Mantle, B. Rabus, D. Williams, Dirk Geudtner Oct. 16, 2013
Independent Verification of the Sentinel-1 System Calibration Marco Schwerdt, Kersten Schmidt, Gabriel Adolfo Castellanos Alfonzo, Núria Tous Ramon, Björn Döring, Pau Prats, Manfred Zink Oct. 17, 2013
Learning from the Field of Photometry: The Way Towards Better Radiometric Measurements Björn Döring, Marco Schwerdt Oct. 17, 2013
Long Term System Monitoring of Performance Stability – Current Status of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Satellites Kersten Schmidt, Gabriel Adolfo Castellanos Alfonzo, Markus Bachmann, Johannes Böer, Donata Polimeni, Núria Tous Ramon, Marco Schwerdt, Daniel Schulze Oct. 17, 2013
PAZ Mission - Characterization, Calibration and Validation: An INTA Approach Núria Casal Vázquez, Javier del Castillo Mena, Patricia Cifuentes Revenga, Juan Manuel Cuerda Munóz, Marcos García Rodríguez, Nuria Gimeno Martínez, Beatriz Gómez Miguel, María José González Bonilla, Juan Ramón Larranaga Sududpe, Adolfo López Pescador, Laura Ojalvo Sánchez Oct. 17, 2013
Pre-launch Verification of the Sentinel-1 Commissioning Phase Facility Björn Rommen, Dirk Geudtner, Paul Snoeij, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Patrick Deghaye, Allan Ostergaard, Mike Brown, Yngvar Larsen, Miguel Terra_Homem Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT-1: An End-of-Mission Reviewof the Imaging and Calibration Performance of a Magnificent Canadian Instrument Stéphane Côté, Satish Srivastava, Stephanie Muir Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT-2 Image Quality and Calibration Update D. Williams, Pierre Le Dantec, Marielle Chabot, Anthony Hillmann, Kenny James, Cathy Vigneron, Ron Caves, Alan Thompson Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT‐2 Polarimetric Calibration Performance Over Five Years of Operation Ron Caves Oct. 17, 2013
Requirements and Calibration of L-band and C-band Compact SAR Ridha Touzi, F. Charbonneau Oct. 17, 2013
SAR RADIOMETRIC CALIBRATION: REVIEW OF TRADITIONAL AND PS-CAL TECHNIQUES Lisa Recchia, Alberto Villa, Davide Giudici, Nuno Miranda, Giuseppe Ottavianelli Oct. 17, 2013
Sentinel-1 Transponder Performance Paul Snoeij, Björn Rommen, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Dirk Geudtner, Harry Jackson, D´Arcy Hart, Dean Rowsell, Trevor Stuber, Muthu Gandi Oct. 17, 2013
Session Summaries and Recommendations Oct. 18, 2013
TanDEM-X Acquisition Planning and DEM Performance in the Third Year of Operation Daniel Schulze, Markus Bachmann, Benjamin Bräutigam, Daniela Borla Tridon, Manfred Zink, Gerhard Krieger Oct. 17, 2013
Transponders and Corners - DLR’s Next Generation SAR Calibration Targets Björn Döring, Marco Schwerdt Oct. 17, 2013
Update on CSA Calibration Sites Oct. 18, 2013
User Access to Sentinel-1 like RADARSAT-2 TOPS Data Dirk Geudtner Oct. 16, 2013