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Title Authors Publication date
High Resolution Geodetic Earth Observation with TerraSAR‐X: Measurements on the Obtained Pixel Localization Accuracy and Results Ulrich Balss, Christoph Gisinger, Stefan Hackel, Xiao Ying Cong, Ramon Brcic, Michael Eineder Oct. 17, 2013
Long Term System Monitoring of Performance Stability – Current Status of TerraSAR-X and TanDEM-X Satellites Kersten Schmidt, Gabriel Adolfo Castellanos Alfonzo, Markus Bachmann, Johannes Böer, Donata Polimeni, Núria Tous Ramon, Marco Schwerdt, Daniel Schulze Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT-1: An End-of-Mission Reviewof the Imaging and Calibration Performance of a Magnificent Canadian Instrument Stéphane Côté, Satish Srivastava, Stephanie Muir Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT-2 Image Quality and Calibration Update D. Williams, Pierre Le Dantec, Marielle Chabot, Anthony Hillmann, Kenny James, Cathy Vigneron, Ron Caves, Alan Thompson Oct. 17, 2013
RADARSAT‐2 Polarimetric Calibration Performance Over Five Years of Operation Ron Caves Oct. 17, 2013