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Title Authors Publication date
Pre-launch Verification of the Sentinel-1 Commissioning Phase Facility Björn Rommen, Dirk Geudtner, Paul Snoeij, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Patrick Deghaye, Allan Ostergaard, Mike Brown, Yngvar Larsen, Miguel Terra_Homem Oct. 17, 2013
Requirements and Calibration of L-band and C-band Compact SAR Ridha Touzi, F. Charbonneau Oct. 17, 2013
Sentinel-1 Transponder Performance Paul Snoeij, Björn Rommen, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Dirk Geudtner, Harry Jackson, D´Arcy Hart, Dean Rowsell, Trevor Stuber, Muthu Gandi Oct. 17, 2013
Transponders and Corners - DLR’s Next Generation SAR Calibration Targets Björn Döring, Marco Schwerdt Oct. 17, 2013