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Title Authors Publication date
Orbit control influence on InSAR baselines Itziar Barat, Pau Prats, B. Duesmann, Dirk Geudtner Oct. 27, 2015
S-1 MPC The in-orbit performance of the Sentinel-1A C-SAR Instrument Davide Giudici, Andrea Recchia, Michele Caccia, Nuno Miranda, Riccardo Piantanida Oct. 27, 2015
S-1A Product Performance Status Nuno Miranda, Guillaume Hajduch, R. Husson, P. Vincent, Peter J. Meadows, A. Pilgrim, Davide Giudici, Riccardo Piantanida, David Small, Adrian Schubert, A. Mouche, H. Johnsen, F. Collard Oct. 27, 2015
Sentinel-1A Radiometric Calibration Peter J. Meadows, Alan Pilgrim, Riccardo Piantanida, Davide Riva, Nuno Miranda Oct. 27, 2015
Sentinel-1A SAR Interferometry Verification Dirk Geudtner, Pau Prats, Nestor Yague-Martinez, Andrea Monti Guarnieri, Itziar Barat Oct. 27, 2015