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Title Authors Publication date
PanelSAR: Calibration and Performance validation of the first FMCW Spaceborne SAR Peter Hoogeboom, Max Pastena, Ernesto Imbembo, Matern Otten Oct. 28, 2015
Adding Precise Wave-Propagation Information and Geodetic Corrections to Standard SAR Products Michael Eineder, Ulrich Balss, C. Cong, Steffen Suchant, Christoph Gisinger, Hartmut Runge Oct. 28, 2015
Computation of Signal Gain and Noise Gain of a SAR Processor Ulrich Balss, Helko Breit, Andreas Niedermeier Oct. 28, 2015
Consequences of the Local Oscillator Drift model for ENVISAT ASAR Petar Marinkovic, Yngvar Larsen Oct. 28, 2015
Equivalent Radar Cross Section: What Is It and Why Is It Important? Björn Döring, Marco Schwerdt Oct. 28, 2015