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Title Authors Publication date
Accurate Transponder Calibrations with the Novel Three-Transponder Method Björn Döring, Daniel Rudolf, Sebastian Raab, Matthias Jirousek, Jens Reimann, Marco Schwerdt Oct. 29, 2015
Calibration with trihedral corner reflectors: a case study using satellite-based X, C and L- band frequency Medhavy Thankappan, Matthew Garthwaite, Peter Hoang, Nuno Miranda, Adrian Schubert, David Small Oct. 29, 2015
Conformal Retro Reflectors for Earth Observation CORREO Ivor Morrow, Keith Morrison, Manfred Zink Oct. 29, 2015
Recent Airborne SAR Calibration Results Using the Rosamond Array for P, L, and Ka-band Data Ronald Muellerschoen, Elaine Chapain, Xueyang Duan, Alex Fore, Scott Hensley, Thierry Michel Oct. 29, 2015
The Precision Radar Calibrator for Sentinel-1 Paul Snoeij, Björn Rommen, Ignacio Navas-Traver, Francisco Ceba-Vega, Dirk Geudtner, Ramon Torres, Harry Jackson, Dean Rowsell, Trevor Stuber, Muthu Gandi Oct. 29, 2015