CEOS-WGCV – SAR Subgroup
Working Group on Calibration and Validation
Synthetic Aperture Radar Subgroup

Workshop 2016

The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group on Calibration and Validation (WGCV), SAR Subgroup, Synthetic Aperture Radar Workshop 2016 (CEOS SAR 2016) will be held at Tokyo Denki University in Tokyo, Japan, from September 7–9, 2016. The Workshop, jointly organized by Tokyo Denki University and JAXA, will provide an open forum for the presentation and discussion of current and future issues related to the calibration and validation of space borne SAR sensors and data products. Please submit contributions to the following topics:

  • Calibration of future SAR missions
  • Calibration of running SAR missions
  • Calibration methodology and techniques
  • Calibration targets and sites
  • Calibration requirements and definitions
  • Propagation effects
  • Processing algorithms
  • Innovative SAR concepts


Important Dates

Deadline Date
Extended deadline for abstract submissions June 15, 2016
Notification of paper acceptance July 15, 2016
Deadline for workshop registration August 21, 2016
CEOS SAR Workshop September 7-9, 2016

Abstract Submission

For abstract and final paper submission please use EDAS – a conference managing system. If you do not have an EDAS account yet, please create your own account at EDAS via "New User". You may also send yourself an email reminder of your EDAS password here.

Please, be sure to provide your complete affiliation including your postal address, phone, fax and email in EDAS at "My Profile".

To register and submit your PDF abstract paper, log into EDAS using the password that has been mailed to you after completing your profile, press "Submit Paper", choose "CEOS SAR 2016" and press the "Submit" icon. Paper submission is completed in two steps: paper registration and PDF abstract submission. Note that only PDF file format is accepted.

During paper registration you will be asked to indicate:

  • all authors of the paper you want to submit to CEOS SAR 2016 (identified via their email address)
  • the corresponding author
  • the paper title
  • a short summary of your abstract submission, no more than 5 lines
  • the most suitable topic area, chosen from the list of Conference Topics

The actual PDF abstract submission (PDF file upload or any PDF file updates) may be done any time after the paper has been registered giving the above information but not later than June 15, 2016.

Each abstract should clearly and concisely state the problem addressed, the methodology used and the central conclusions. The title of the paper should clearly convey the essence of the work. Please avoid unusual acronyms. The abstract should not exceed one page but not be less than 350 words, excluding author information.

Authors will be kept informed via E-Mail once they have registered their paper(s) in EDAS. For further help, please send an email to

Workshop Registration

Please register online and free of charge using the conference management system EDAS. If you have logged into EDAS before (e.g. for abstract submission) you do not need to create a new account. Please be sure to provide your complete and updated affiliation including your mailing address, phone, fax, and email in EDAS at "My profile".

Once logged in, select "Register", find "CEOS SAR 2016" and click on the shopping cart (right column). The registration is free of charge.

You can review the list of conferences for which you are registered by clicking again on "Register" on the top of the page.

Travel Visa

If a travel visa support letter/invitation letter is required, please contact the workshop secretary Juliane Klämke as soon as possible.

Guidelines for Preparation of Presentations

Oral presentations should be prepared such that a duration of 15 minutes is not exceeded. Another 5 minutes are planned for discussion.

The following presentation document types are accepted:

  • PowerPoint 2010: If you use PowerPoint 2013, please make sure to save your presentation in the older PowerPoint 2010 format. Please note that the conference laptop will only have a standard installation. Problems may occur when using unusual fonts (e.g. Asian characters), company logos, or non-standard formula editors.
  • PDF

A conference laptop for presentations is available. Please provide your presentation on a USB-stick or CD-ROM to one of the workshop organization members before your session starts. It will be copied to the conference laptop to avoid any delay during the session. Please refer to the Final Workshop Program (to be published on our website soon) for the session and time of your presentation. We would like to ask you to make yourself known to your session chair prior to the session so that he/she knows the presentation will take place.

Scientific Committee

Member Affiliation Country
Richard Bamler DLR Germany
Antoni Broquetas UPC Spain
Bruce Chapman JPL USA
Stéphane Côté CSA Canada
Björn Döring DLR Germany
Michael Eineder DLR Germany
Thomas Fritz DLR Germany
Christoph Gierull DRDC Canada
Dirk Geudtner ESA The Netherlands
Wen Hong IECAS China
Kenny James MDA Canada
Peter Meadows BAE UK
Franz Meyer UAF Alaska, USA
Nuno Miranda ESA Italy
Andrea Monti-Guarnieri POLIMI Italy
Alberto Moreira DLR Germany
Keith Morrison Cranfield University UK
Paul Rosen JPL USA
Betlem Rosich ESA Italy
Marco Schwerdt DLR Germany
Masanobu Shimada TDU Japan
Paul Snoeij ESA The Netherlands
Satish Srivastava CSA Canada
Andrea Torre TASI Italy
Ridha Touzi CCRS/NRC Canada
Ramon Torres ESA The Netherlands
Dan Williams MDA Canada
Yoshio Yamaguchi Niigata University Japan
Manfred Zink DLR Germany

Organizing Committee

Member Affiliation Country
Christian Koyama Tokyo Denki University Japan
Masanobu Shimada (CEOS SAR 2016 Chair) Tokyo Denki University Japan
Björn Döring DLR Germany
Jens Fischer DLR Germany
Juliane Klämke DLR Germany
Mathias Weigt DLR Germany
Manfred Zink (CEOS SAR Subgroup Chair) DLR Germany

Workshop Venue

Please be our guest at Tokyo Denki University:

5 Senjyu-Asahicho, Adachi-ku
Tokyo 120-8551, Japan
Travel Instruction


Please book your hotel room by yourself.
List of recommended hotels:

Further Questions

For further help concerning the Scientific Organization of the Workshop you may contact Dr. Masanobu Shimada or Dr. Manfred Zink. For all other inquiries, please write to


Dr. Masanobu Shimada
Tokyo Denki University
School of Science and Engineering
Division of Architectural, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Saitama, 350-0394, Japan
Tel: +81-49-296-6107
Dr. Manfred Zink
CEOS SAR Subgroup Chair
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Tel: +49 8153 28-2356
Juliane Klämke
CEOS SAR 2016 Workshop Secretary
German Aerospace Center (DLR)
Tel: +49 8153 28-2355
Fax: +49 8153 28-1449